Do you find that the selection of foreign newspapers in the library is too small and inadequate? Then you haven’t heard about PressReader

What is PressReader?
PressReader is a big collection of online newspapers and magazines, which gives you the opportunity to read newspapers from 100 different countries and gives you access to the newsfeed from the last 30 days.
PressReader also gives you the opportunity to translate a selection of different newspapers from one language to another.

Who has access and how do I use it?
If you are a registered user of the libraries in Ikast-Brande, you have access to use all of our online resources.
From here on all you have to do is access PressReader, which you can do by following this link. 
- use your library number from Ikast-Brande Library (CPR-number) followed by your pin code from the library

If you want to read newspapers at home in your couch, you can download PressReader to your tablet/Ipad by entering Google play or App store and search for the app.   Android , iOS

If you are in any doubts about how to get started – or if you want to hear more about these online newspapers, you are welcome at the library where we will be glad to help you.