RB Digital - Access digital Magazines

RB Digital provides access to a large number of digital Magazines

RB Digital provides access to a large numbers of  e - journals in English.
It contains popular "flip- journals" and more hard core journals and range widely from The Economist to the National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Inked, Backpacker and Rolling Stone .

(Access from home is for citizens in Ikast-Brande Municipality who are registered users of Ikast-Brande libraries.)

•    RB Digital provides access to more than 300  English-language e - journals.
•    Several magazines are interactive with hyperlinks , video and audio sequences.
•    The journals are available at the same time as the printed versions.
•    Journals that are "checked -out" should not " handed " again.
•    You can search by individual journal titles .
•    There is no limit on the number of loans. Read as many magazines as you like.

How to get started with RB Digital
You will need a library account to check out magazines and a RB Digital account to read the check out magazines online or offline.

How to read your magazines offline
Download the free app to your mobile device .